A little bit about me

I grew up on the island of Aphrodite, Cyprus. No I don't have a heavy Greek accent, but you might sense a more subtle South African one instead. That's because I lived in Johannesburg at one point.

Studied in Manchester, UK and then moved to London shortly after to be a management consultant. However after a couple of years in my job, I realised how much I enjoyed designing digital products on the side, and decided to pursue a career in design.

As a digital product designer, I worked at Conde Nast for 2 years, contributing to iconic brands such as Vogue and Vogue Runway. Since then, I launched a startup and do freelance design.

What design means to me

Good design pushes you to think of, and embrace diverse and even opposing perspectives and experiences in order to successfully render the intentions of users' behaviours.

My main areas of focus

I strive to make the user experience as intuitive and delightful as possible, by creating aesthetically appealing interfaces, prototyping advanced, realistic interactions and carrying out the appropriate research activities to validate hypotheses and iterate accordingly.

How I approach my work

I thrive working in flexible, collaborative and cross-functional teams. I value clear and transparent communication, regular and honest feedback and trust. I actively seek out both qualitative and quantitative data to inform my work, and maintain a product/brand focus whilst designing in a scalable and accessible manner.

My simple pleasures

I love to cook and dish up new meals, and just like in product design, I bring the same intentionality in my kitchen - that is having everything prepped, organised and ready to go before I start. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what I've been cooking up 🍳