Freelance digital product designer helping startups deliver value to their users.

Previously worked at Conde Nast, designing websites and apps for global brands such as Vogue.

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Why work with me

Analytical product thinking

I don’t settle until we’ve identified the most effective solution in which the user experience is intuitive, follows best practices  and meets your business goals.

Clear communication channels

You can expect transparent, open discussions, allowing us to work seamlessly and to ensure all your concerns are resolved.

Fast delivery

I run design sprints from 3 days to 3 weeks, which allows us to be laser-focused, keep momentum going and to ensure you get the highest return on your investment.

Ari brings an analytical mindset to help refine product ideas into the right product features.

Whats my process like

Introductory call

The intro call is for us to get to know each other, as well as understand your business, project objectives, budget and timeline. During this call, I listen to your design needs to gather your requests at a high level to draft the project scope.

Contract review and sign-off

After our call, I will provide you with a contract outlining the detailed project scope and deliverables, timeline and budget for you to review, edit and approve. A further call may be scheduled if you or I have any clarifying questions.

Pre-sprint preparation

Before we kick off, we define the visual identity (colour palette and typography) as well as gather any brand assets (images, illustrations, etc.). In addition, it is important to have the actual content of your website/app, to best optimise the information architecture around the key actions you want your target users to take.

Design sprint

Starting with the key user flow first, I create high-fidelity wireframes for you to review and share feedback at the end of each day of the sprint. You can do this during our daily check-in call, or by leaving comments in Figma. I then revise the designs accordingly, and proceed with the remaining user flows.
Once the designs are complete and you are happy with everything, we will have a a brief wrap-up call to hand-over the final deliverables.

Recent Work

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Responsive web redesign for job platform
Improved the existing functionality and designed new features for Ergodotisi, the largest job platform in Cyprus, with over 20,000 registered companies.
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Web app design for manufacturing startup
Redesigned all key user flows for a manufacturing training tool, with an emphasis on keeping it simple, yet flexible enough for the various client roles.
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MVP design for consumer startup
Defined and designed the product experience of key user flows for a food-based event planning app, including registration, home feed browsing and creating an event.

Mapping User Journeys To Drive Product Strategy

User Interviews, Data Analysis, Journey Maps
Gained valuable insights to drive product initiatives
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Improving the Vogue Runway gallery experience

Vogue Runway
UX Audit, Prototyping, Usability Testing
Improved the usability of the VR app
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Designing the Vogue Runway Android app

Vogue Runway
Wireframing, prototyping, visual design
To be updated
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What clients have to say

Alice Zhang
Founder at MyPocketCFO
"In designing our FinTech tool UX, Ari was thorough and systematic yet had a great sense of style and colour scheme and always came into our brainstorming meetings with well-researched high-quality proposals. I highly recommend Ari to anyone looking for a design talent who blends creativity with analytical capability."
Jessica Lee
Founder at Increment Inc.
"It has been a great experience working with Ari on a few of our design sprints to flesh out a few key features. He pays attention to detail and doesn't take shortcuts. He makes sure that his work is thorough according to the scope, incorporating any feedback that we have. Our team has enjoyed getting to know him as a person as well. I definitely recommend him if you're looking to hire for product design work!"
Allison Kunz
Founder at Table Stakes
"Ari brings an analytical mindset to help refine product ideas into the right product features. He was able to deliver fantastic mobile app designs for our project, providing everything from an initial color palette to clean, consistent core UI that was easy for engineers to develop. Plus, his calm professional energy helps keeps everything in forward motion. Hope to work with again!"
Stratis Valachis
Previously UX Lead, Conde Nast
“Ari is one of the most talented, industrious and easy-going people I've had the privilege of working with. Over the past year at Conde Nast, it has been inspiring to witness the analytical rigour in his design work, which has resulted in great user and business outcomes internationally, natural talent in managing and mobilising stakeholders and proactiveness to continuously grow. He's a great asset for the impact and moral of any team. I highly recommend him”
Daniel Baldwin
Senior Design Lead at Vogue, Conde Nast
"Throughout his time at Vogue, Ari played an instrumental role in shaping the user experience for products in our portfolio including Vogue Runway and our global Vogue brand. Ari's data-driven approach and care for the users elevated the digital Vogue experience and challenged pre-existing user journeys, making Vogue easier to navigate and engage with through each and every project he worked on."
Jordan Bond
Previously Product Manager, Conde Nast
“Having worked with Ari over the past year, I can confidently say he would make a great asset to any team. He's talented, passionate and articulate. He brings fantastic energy to his work and never loses sight of the ultimate goal. Together we've delivered some truly impactful change for millions of users across multiple markets.”

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